If our partnership is terminated, your commissions will only be generated and paid up until the termination date.

No, payment fees are fully covered by us.

Yes, you must generate at least 100 Euro to be included in the monthly automatic payment process. Should your payment be less than 100 Euro, it will be rolled over to the following month.

Through the Payment History Report available under My Account.

You can generate them directly from your account. Just go under My Account – Generate You Commission Statement.

No, payments are automatic with no action needed from you, aside from making sure that your payment details are always updated under your affiliate account.

All commission is paid out in Euros.

We process payments to the following options: Bank, Skrill and Neteller.

Yes, your earned commission from all products is summed before it’s paid.

We pay our affiliates between the 3rd and 8th of each month, subject to a minimum payment of 100 Euros. If you don’t reach the minimum payment threshold then your earnings are carried over to the following month and continue to do so until the threshold is reached.

Referred new customers is a person who does not have an account with any of our sites and who opens an account after arriving via one of your click-through URLs.

An active player is a customer who makes a minimum of one accumulated deposit or accumulated real money wager of (€10) on any product.

Monthly Commission Payment is the sum of all positive and or negative commissions generated for all products.

The Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) is calculated in the same way for all products and is the base for calculating commission. Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) – all bonuses paid to customers – gaming taxes – licence fees – customer chargeback – bank and processor fees – administrative fees.

Negative and positive revenues are summarized daily and at the end of the month for all products before commissions are calculated.

From your account by accessing your Quick Summary report, Earning report, or Traffic report.

You can earn up to 30€ in CPA per each new customer. A new customer means a  new registration, who makes a deposit with real money of at least 20€ and makes a bet with that deposit.

The first time a new Customer places a wager will define the rate of commission that will be earned. For example, if a new customer places a wager in Sportsbook, a sportsbook commission will be applied to your account. If a new customer places a wager in Casino, the Casino commission will be applied to your account. If a new customer places their wagers in Sportsbook and Casino, only the Sportsbook commission will be applied by default i.e. the Casino commission will not be applied.

You will also receive a Revenue Share. Your earnings are not limited, quite the opposite, the higher the revenue means the higher the commission percentage you’ll receive.

We offer revenue share and CPA commission plans, details can be found on our homepage. If you believe your traffic has potential to generate above average quality players, please feel free to contact your account manager to discuss a custom commission plan.

Once you select banner in our Media gallery, you will also have to decide on which of your websites (site ID’s) it will be published, before a banner code is generated for you. Results from this and any other banners with the same site ID will be available through all our reports.

You can generate various type of reports for any defined period. They are instantly available to view and extract in any format or print whenever needed.

  • Earning and traffic reports to display your sales activity
  • Banner reports to display your ads performance
  • Payment history reports to display your commissions and generate invoices.

We run regular data validations through the month, especially during the payment process to assure your revenues are correctly calculated for all our products and brands. Sometimes this requires consolidation of data which might change the commissions before they are finalized and paid.

Daily, usually around noon, just in time for you to review them after your lunch break!

You can monitor banner performances and sales activity from all your referred customers daily through our reporting section under your affiliate account.

Yes, but only within the EGBA Standards. We invite you to read them here

Simply login to your Beaffiliates account, go to Get your Ads section and use the filter menu on the left side menu to generate the text links you are looking for. Upon request we can always create custom text links to a specific page.

If you are planning to build or already have an odds comparison website, we can provide you with XML feeds for all available pre-match sport leagues and poker tournaments. Please contact your account manager for more details.

Cookie duration is 30 days.

Once the visitor clicks on any of our banners on your website, a cookie will be dropped to his browser which will tell us during his registration that he belongs to you. All the revenues generated from him will from that moment be linked exclusively to your affiliate account.

We do offer custom bonus codes to well established affiliates for online and offline tracking. If your business model requires this please contact your account manager for more details.

We offer a wide range of competitive bonus incentives across all products and advertise them through most of our marketing material. Besides that, we have exclusive bonuses for all affiliates for sports and casino per each new customer. Feel free to use them as you wish.

Yes, we do offer customized multi-language marketing materials to our affiliates. If you don’t find the required ad type or size, please contact your account manager and he will be able to assist you in the best way possible.

Absolutely! Your account manager is specially trained to help you analyse your results and prepare custom creative strategies with the goal to increase your revenue.

Performance highly depends on the product, promotion and the context in which the ad is being used. However, it is well know that dynamic and interactive ads perform better than the static ones.

We have all standard and many non-standard sizes available for all our brand and products in flash, GIF’s, HTML5, widget and text link format. You can find them under your account, Marketing tool section.

If you are not happy with any segment of our program or have a suggestion for improvement, please write to us at to .

You can contact us through the contact form available from the footer. We will do our best to provide useful feedback within 24 hours.

You can access our latest version of Terms and Conditions through the footer on our Beaffiliates website. We advise you to regularly check this page for changes.

Once your affiliate application is approved you will be assigned to a dedicated affiliate account manager. Contact details will be provided to you in the welcome e-mail.

Yes, but it depends on your requirements. Please contact us with more details.

  • No. You can register as many websites as you have under the same affiliate account.
  • During the affiliate registration process you can register only one website but later when you access your affiliate account you can add additional websites.
  • Each website will be measured separately to give you a better understanding of the quality of your traffic but the commission from all your websites will be summed before it’s paid.

If your website is not functional your application will most likely be rejected. Therefore, we advise you to apply once you are fully operational. We will help you to publish banners in no time so don’t miss out on any acquisition potential.

A commission based program that rewards affiliates for referring depositing customers to Betclic.pt.

Anyone who owns a website or has a presence online through social media or other channels, from affiliate networks with complex sub-affiliation setup to those who have never advertised online but have interesting websites with good traffic.

  • Promoting well-known and internationally established brand has high revenue potential.
  • Access to advanced, yet simple to setup Traffic Optimization tools including mobile ads, custom strategies, offline tracking and customized affiliate promotions.
  • Fast and reliable commission payments within 5 days for all payment options: Bank, Moneybookers and Neteller.
  • Personal account managers with top industry knowledge.
  • You have zero risk.

A dedicated affiliate manager will review you application usually within 48 hours after your application was registered in our system.

Every application is reviewed by Beaffiliates program prior to the acceptance. If an application does not meet our quality standards it might be because:

  • Your website is not accessible or is under construction.
  • Your target audience is under 18 years of age, promote sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, promote illegal activities or violate intellectual property rights.
  • Your acquisition is based in a market where we don’t accept customers.

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